Day one – Hour 20

I can’t believe I’m in Africa. Right now we are sitting in a lonely, semi-deserted airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. 2 flights away from our final destination in Angola. It doesn’t seem real that I am here. So far away from everything I have ever known. Do you ever get those eye-opening moments, when you are hit by the realization that this world is so much bigger than you are? Like experiencing the expansive vastness of the ocean for the first time. You can’t help but feel miniscule. Truthfully, I think it’s healthy. Healthy to see and experience that I am not the center of this universe. I know what you’re thinking: “this dude just got way too deep, way too fast.” Yeah, I guess so. But that’s just how I roll.

We left Chicago at 2 pm local time. Two flights and almost 20 hours later, we are here in South Africa. As delicious and satisfying as the 4 oz container of couscous on the airplane was, we needed just a little bit extra. So we got pizza. In Africa. I figured we’d go for the full cultural experience.

In preparation for our trip, we have tried to learn some Portuguese as well as study up on several tropical diseases that we will likely encounter while here. We really are so grateful for everyone who helped prepare us for this experience. A huge shout out to Heather Datsko for sharing her advice and resources from her trip last year! You’re the best!


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